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2022 Annual Conference

A Message From the President

On June 23, 2020, I was elected as the new president of the historic Old Dominion Bar Association. I assume the office knowing that it is both an honor and a privilege to serve as president of this esteemed bar association. The ODBA has a long history and legacy of leading the fight to insure equality and social justice for African Americans and other minorities in Virginia and throughout the United States. I realize the tremendous obligation I am undertaking knowing that I walk in the shoes of civil rights giants such as Oliver Hill, Spotswood Robinson, and Samuel Tucker to name a few. They, and many others, led the legal fight for freedoms we enjoy today and sometimes take for granted. The ODBA has remained the catalyst for change in Virginia and spearheaded significant improvement in Virginia’s judiciary. The ODBA was the driving force ushering in the appointment of African American judges throughout the Commonwealth, both on the state and federal level.

With all that the ODBA has achieved, current events have shown us that the need continues. Social injustices have run rampant throughout our state and the nation. Multiple incidents of police brutality, many that have resulted in the death of African Americans, have ushered in a new wave of social consciousness. Protests have taken root demanding change throughout the country and worldwide. Policies long held accepted by many which denied equal justice to minorities are no longer being tolerated. The need for those willing to fight in the courts is essential to insure justice. At this time, the ODBA’s continued presence is paramount for social justice as it has been in years past.

Today, as was years ago, the need of organizations like the ODBA is vital in the fight for equal justice. We must stand vigilant and committed to provide legal representation to advocate for and protect the rights of all persons who suffer inequality. I accept my role as president knowing that there is great work that needs to be done to right the wrongs throughout our nation. I hope that I will serve with distinction as past presidents have done throughout the eighty years of the ODBA. I can only do so with the help and assistance of all the ODBA members and supporters. May we continue the fight onward.

Bruce C. Sams
President, Old Dominion Bar Association

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